Self-Guided YTT

Your positive experience and success in your yoga teacher training is directly connected to your participation in the program. When you take time to read the modules, practice teach, or take class – please make the space to be physically and mentally present. Do what you can to eliminate or limit distractions and the desire to multi-task. Give yourself fully to what you are learning and notice how your active participation in this experience can also affect how you show up and participate in other aspects of your life. Even though practicing yoga may be what you want to spend the most time doing, it is important to prioritize your time to maximize your experience and education. Best practice is to focus first on lectures and reading (and quizzes/ homework/ projects), second on practice teaching, and third on doing your yoga practice.

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Required Reading

Please purchase the following books prior to starting the yoga teacher training program

Program Details

For your lecture modules, Ahlia recommends reading online in the following order. You’ll notice that there are additional lecture reading materials included in your online curriculum, however those listed below are the Ahlia Yoga Academy accredited curriculum. The additional resources are links to sites that are included to further your understanding of the information.

Category 1: Practice Yoga


When you take a certified yoga instructors class as a student / practitioner, please document the following:

1. Class number. Number 1-50 the classes that you take as a student.
2. Class time and duration. For example: 10-11:30am, 90 minutes.
3. Teachers name.
4. Yoga style (ie: vinyasa, ashtanga, yin/restorative, iyengar, etc).
5. Class name if applicable (ie: level 2 vinyasa. Or Gentle yoga for beginners)
6. Notes about the class.

Category 2: Practice Teaching


When you begin to practice teach out loud, record the amount of time you spend. Only
document time you spend teaching out loud and ideally, teach to one or more people. You can also teach to yourself if you voice or video record so that you can go back and listen to give yourself feedback. Note: the more time you spend practice teaching out loud, the more confident you will feel teaching classes upon completion of teacher training.

Category 3: Reading Material and Online Lectures


When you spend time reading the designated course work and books for YTT you will
be responsible for documenting your time. Set a timer when you begin or jot down your start time. Be honest with your time if you take breaks or get distracted. You are required to finish the course work (books and online lectures) before you are eligible for certification, even if it takes more than 200 hours. Include time spent on quizzes, homework, and projects.

Category 4: Research


If you enjoy learning about a certain topic and wind up doing your own additional
research on a subject that was covered in YTT (or pertains to and is approved by your TT lead), please document your time spent studying or researching material that is done outside of teacher training study hours.

Module 1: Theory

Module 2: Training

  • Vinyasa Sequence w/Photos + Cues (Download)

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