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Yoga Teacher Training Options

With trainings, certifications, and licensing options, Ahlia Yoga Academy is a one-stop training center for yogis looking to elevate their practice. Deciding to embark on your journey through teacher training is a very exciting time! You are about to go through a transformational program that is designed to deepen your personal asana practice. The modules will also propel your meditation, pranayama and self-reflection to new heights. With a 200-hour curriculum, each module is designed for to enhance your experience and understanding of yogic principles – physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

You may have decided to participate in yoga teacher training (YTT) to deepen your own practice and learn more about yogic philosophy and the other 7-limbs of yoga that go beyond the physical asana practice. Or perhaps you have decided to dedicate your time to a yoga teacher training program because you want to instruct classes and share your passion, enthusiasm, and knowledge with others. It is not important to have decided whether or not you want to teach yoga when you begin this program, and it is normal to change your mind, however having a clear intention for what you wish to receive from your participation is important so that you can move forward in the direction of your heart’s desires.

Self-Guided Certified YTT

Take yoga teacher training at your own pace, with support from Ahlia along the way, to get your yoga teacher certification (CYT).

Yoga Alliance Accredited YTT

Get your 200 hour registered yoga teacher (RYT) certification with Ahlia's Yoga Alliance-accredited yoga teacher training.


Are you a yoga studio looking to offer more to your students or a yoga teacher ready to share your knowledge and experience on a deeper level with your community? After years of offering Ahlia Yoga Academy Teacher Training Curriculum in studios, privately, locally and globally, Ahlia is offering her Yoga Alliance approved teacher training for licensing to yoga teachers and yoga studios. If you are an experienced yoga teacher or a yoga studio looking to offer Yoga Teacher Trainings, you can now become a Certified Ahlia Yoga Instructor and license Ahlia Yoga Academy Teacher Training Curriculum to offer in person or online! Ahlia Yoga Academy Online is designed for self-motivated individuals who are ready to learn through reading and studying various topics that bridge the gap between yoga on the mat and your life and practice off of the mat as well.

Step 1

Fill out the form below, and Ahlia will send more information about the teacher training licensing programs.

Step 2

Register for Ahlia Yoga Teacher Trainer Certification – This 3 Hour Virtual Experience teaches you how to lead a successful training and walks you through the requirements, expectations, and online materials.

Step 3

License Ahlia Yoga Academy Teacher Training – You can license for single use or annual unlimited use depending on your plan for running teacher trainings.

Step 4

Fill your YTT program and begin the adventure!



    How are the teacher trainings different from each other?

    The main difference between the programs is the number of in-person contact hours. The Self-Guided teacher training grants you a yoga teacher certification to teach yoga in gyms, studios, or privately. The Accredited teacher training complies with the Yoga Alliance standards for registered yoga teachers and includes additional contact hours.

    What are the benefits of licensing Ahlia Yoga Academy's training?

    The hard work is done for you! With courses already in an online format, it’s as easy is paying the licensing fee and enrolling your own students.

    How do I get started with a teacher training program?

    First, purchase the teacher training program of your choice (Self-Guided or Yoga Alliance Accredited). Next, register for a new account here. Ahlia will approve you once payment is received, then you’ll get access to sign the program agreements and the training materials. Please feel free to reach out on the Contact page or send an email to ahlia@ahliayoga.com with any questions.

    Why do I need to keep track of the time I spend in training?

    Keeping track of hours during teacher training is very important. Accounting for your time spent in each of these categories is important and you will be required to turn your completed documentation of hours in prior to receiving your certification. For both the Self-Guided and Yoga Alliance Accredited trainings, you should keep track of your hours to the nearest 15 minutes. Ahlia recommends purchasing a new journal specifically for recording hours so that everything is organized. You will need your time logs to apply for your RYT designation.

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