Yoga Alliance Accredited YTT

Below is Ahlia Yoga Teacher Training Academy’s full 36-module curriculum, available by password only. To register for a future in-person or online yoga teacher training course, please reach out to Ahlia directly by emailing or by completing the application here. Upcoming Yoga Teacher Trainings adhere to the Yoga Alliance standards for a Yoga Alliance accredited 200-hour teacher training programs.

In this 200-hour program, Yoga Alliance requires 180 contact hours.  Rather than in-person, these contact hours can be completed online using Zoom or a combination of in-person and online for the required contact hours. You will need to complete 30 hours of yoga practice which can begin right away on Ahlia Yoga YouTube channel.
Or purchase classes for unlimited use and streaming on demand in the Shop on this site.
Contact hours completed on Zoom will be recorded for you to revisit and review.
To register with the Yoga Alliance, you must complete the required Contact Hours (in person and/or on Zoom) and Non-Contact Hours that add up to no less than 200 hours of training.  Questions? Email

See What Students Have To Say & Explore The Curriculum Below

“What an incredible journey Ahlia’s 200hr YTT (yoga teacher training) program has been! Ahlia lead our group with so much knowledge, real life experience, depth of integrity – I would not hesitate to take any of her programs or services in the future. The curriculum prepared our group very well to learn what we needed to know and so much more. It is obvious that Ahlia has a full heart for yoga, people and our earth. I so enjoyed learning all the fundamentals of yoga, not just from a physical standpoint, but all the anatomical, mental, spiritual and even business points of view that are so critical to a yogi following their passion. Ahlia was very patient, she really cared that the true understanding of what she was teaching was received by her students. The investment was well worth it, the education and experiences were priceless!”

Katie (Graduated 4/22/2022)

“Ahlia’s passion for the transformative gift of yoga is equally as genuine as her passion for each and everyone of her students. Her yoga TT training program is challenging and thorough, as it should be, yet down to earth, lighthearted, and fun. I felt like I was on a thoughtfully crafted journey with Ahlia, which led me to not only deepen my own practice, but gave me the tools to teach. Thank you for the continued encouragement and belief in me and my abilities. I will always be grateful that I chose my 200 hr TT under Ahlia’s lead.”

Aimee W.

“Ahlia at Ahlia Yoga Academy were truly the most professional, inspirational pair of Instructors I have ever had. Their instruction not only helped prepare me to lead a class with confidence; however, also helped to expand my own personal and yogic perspective and outlook on life. I sincerely cannot recommend the Ahlia Yoga Academy enough and would love to train with both of these incredible Instructors more in the future!”

Katie K.

“Great program, very well organized and in-depth training. Ahlia is a gifted teacher, and she does a superb job distilling a large amount of information into a multi-week 200 hour intensive, in such a way that made it easy to understand and absorb the content as we progressed through the program. She is a shining example of mind/body/spirit unity in both her teaching and her daily living!”

Caroline V.

“Ahlia Yoga Academy was very understanding and supportive during the teacher training program. Ahlia is an extremely positive and motivating teacher!”

Lia Q.

“Ahlia was a great teacher. I left training feeling prepared, ready, and excited to start my yoga teaching journey. Thank you Ahlia!!”

Laura Z.

Required Reading

Please purchase the following books prior to starting the yoga teacher training program


For your lecture modules, Ahlia recommends reading online in the following order. You’ll notice that there are additional lecture reading materials included in your online curriculum, however those listed below are the Ahlia Yoga Academy accredited curriculum. The additional resources are links to sites that are included to further your understanding of the information.



When you take a certified yoga instructors class as a student / practitioner, please document the following in your journal/notebook:

1. Class number. Number 1-30 the classes that you take as a student.
2. Class time and duration. For example: 10-11:30am, 90 minutes.
3. Teachers name.
4. Yoga style (ie: vinyasa, ashtanga, yin/restorative, iyengar, etc).
5. Class name if applicable (ie: level 2 vinyasa. Or Gentle yoga for beginners)
6. Notes about the class.



When you begin to practice teach out loud, record the amount of time you spend. Only
document time you spend teaching out loud and ideally, teach to one or more people. You can also teach to yourself if you voice or video record so that you can go back and listen to give yourself feedback. Note: the more time you spend practice teaching out loud, the more confident you will feel teaching classes upon completion of teacher training.  Always keep track of the time you spend practice teaching in your journal.  You will turn this all in when your 200 hours have been completed.



When you spend time reading the designated course work and books for YTT you will
be responsible for documenting your time in your journal. Set a timer when you begin or jot down your start time. Be honest with your time if you take breaks or get distracted. You are required to finish the course work (books and online lectures) before you are eligible for certification, even if it takes more than 200 hours. Include time spent on quizzes, homework, and projects.



If you enjoy learning about a certain topic and wind up doing your own additional
research on a subject that was covered in YTT (or pertains to and is approved by your TT lead), please document in your journal the time you spend studying or researching material that is done outside of teacher training study hours.

When you finish the in-person contact hours of the YTT program, you may still have non-contact hours to complete to fulfill your 200-hour program and curriculum requirement. You may have books to finish or practice teaching hours to complete, or perhaps in the time span of the program you haven’t finished all of the yoga classes necessary… that’s OK!! When you have completed your 200 hours (documented in your journal or notebook) and the required course work material, you will receive your 200-hour certification.  Upon receiving your certification, you may choose to register with the Yoga Alliance.  This registration is up to you, and is an annual fee that you pay directly to the Yoga Alliance if you choose to register.  You do not have to be registered with the Yoga Alliance to be hired by *most* studios!! Please reach out with any questions regarding registration with the Yoga Alliance.


Ahlia’s Yoga Teacher Training Academy includes the 36 modules below. Once you’ve been accepted into the program you will get access to all modules to complete at your own pace. Questions about teacher training? Contact Ahlia here.

  • Vinyasa Sequence Script (All Levels)

  • Chaturanga Breakdown with Cues (From Halfway Lift)

  • YTT Sources & Links

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