Seasonal Wellness Detox + Reset Programs

Seasonal Wellness Detox + Reset Programs

Throughout the year, as the seasons change so does your body. If you are on a wellness path towards optimizing your vitality, then perhaps you have noticed that what your body needs in the summer is different than what your systems will require in the winter. This is intuitive, however, eating seasonally and detoxification practices have become an event rather than a lifestyle practice. I have created these seasonal wellness reset programs in order to help you maximize the function of your bodily systems and teach you how to incorporate seasonal practices to bring balance to your body and mind.

These programs are steeped in the ancient practices of Ayurveda. Ayu means life and Vedas means knowledge / science (in Sanskrit). Ayurveda, which translates to “Knowledge of Life” is a health system of medicine and originated in India more than 3,000 years ago! In Ayurveda there are three Doshas. A dosha is a constitution for mind and for body. Your body dosha may be different than the dosha that governs your mind – or they may be the same! You can be predominantly one dosha, or it is also common to be bi-doshic. Some people are even across all three and are considered tri-doshic! Neither is better or worse. However, the focus and purpose of discovering your dosha for body and mind is to become aware of when you are OUT of balance, and have the tools and techniques to bring yourself back INTO balance. That’s where this program shines!!

Want to learn what your dosha is? Here’s my FREE dosha quiz!

So, what are the three doshas? Here’s a brief overview (you’ll learn a ton about the doshas in the wellness reset program!)
Vata: Late Fall/Winter – air + ether
Pitta: Summer/Early Fall – fire + water
Kapha: Spring – water + earth

During the Summer time and early Autumn it is common to experience more skin inflammations, indigestion or heart burn, “outbursts” or frustration when feeling upset, due to an increase in Pitta’s fire-y  energy.

Spring time is Kapha season and it’s normal to experience allergies and more congestion/mucus due to the increase in Kapha energy. As you “emerge” from the depth of winter, think of a flower growing from the soil – as Thich Nhat Hanh writes “No mud, no lotus.” There’s a beautiful quality of springtime that inspires us to clean out our closets, but it’s also a great time to cleanse and reset your body and mind!

Late Autumn and Winter time are Vata Season and it’s normal to experience dry / chapped skin and poor digestion. It’s common to experience more anxiety as well due to an increase in Vata energy.


In these Seasonal Wellness Detox and Reset Programs you spend 3 days focusing on the following:
Mind: clear intentions, clean out the clutter, let go of negative thoughts and beliefs that are not supporting your growth.
Body: release and let go of toxins that have built up. More mindfulness around what you eat and when. Utilize upgrades to optimize your success (ie: MUD/WTR instead of coffee… clear alcohol with club soda instead of sugary cocktails/wine).  

Spirit: celebrate what makes you YOU! Tap into your Divine essence and feel supported in celebrating your life!


If you have abdominal discomfit prior to beginning these programs, I have experienced tremendous relief from the Bloating / Digestion product: Antrantil and by supplementing with Daily Calcium and Magnesium

As your guide, I facilitate this program online and offer daily emails and one-on-one support. Cleanses and resets are typically Monday through Wednesday, however you begin to receive information from me the Friday before (earlier upon request) for the products and foods that I’ll suggest you purchase and prepare for your cleanse days. Please note, this is not a fast, you will eat throughout the entire experience and will need some time set aside to meal prep if you don’t have time to cook everyday. The goal is to optimize your nutrition while increasing your energy and decreasing your bodies reliance on sugars, caffeine, etc. Certain foods I will suggest that you eliminate but I always have upgrade options so that you can be successful no matter what. One of the main foods I will introduce is Algae! Chlorella and Spirulina are high dense nutrients packed with protein, minerals, vitamins, and energy supporting properties. Algae also naturally and gently assists in detoxifying your body and blood!

Ready to get started? This reset is only $75 ($25/day!) with tons of information and reflective prompts sent to your inbox throughout the entire experience. You are encouraged to respond with your experience and your questions as participation and engagement will help you to get the most out of your cleanse.

PRO TIP: Have a friend/family member who can participate in the reset with you? It’s always helpful to have someone else experience a program like this with you so that you can share with one another your experiences and feel supported by someone other than me, your facilitator.

*This program is designed to be accessible while maintaining your normal schedule with work and family. It is also designed to help educate you to make lifestyle changes so that the benefits of these practices are incorporated into your daily life. It is NOT expected that you will adhere 100% to the program all 3-days, because you are human! It IS suggested that you will have grace and compassion with yourself as you learn and grow in these wellness based techniques and practices.

To register, Venmo $75 to @AhliaBiondi or PayPal/Zelle using email:

When you register, please include your email address in the memo with “Detox” so that I can send you your welcome information!

Please share this with your friends/family and I look forward to participating in this reset with you this season!

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