Sequence Break Down & Timing

Your all levels vinyasa sequence is broken down into specific series or categories that can be thought of as micro-sequences / series that together make up the entire class.  These series or micro-sequences are essential for this well-rounded type of practice (where all major muscles and areas of the body are both strengthened and stretched).

Be mindful of your timing throughout your classes. Always begin and end on time. If you begin class a few minutes late, do not end class a few minutes late.  Your practitioners will lose their “zen” if they have to rush somewhere or are late to their next thing because class ended later than expected.  If you are running out of time, have a plan in mind for what to trim from the practice so that you can still offer a few minutes in savasana and close class by the time you are supposed to.  A good rule of thumb is to start savasana around 52-53 minutes (for a one hour class). Savasana should be 2-5 minutes long.  You’ll need 2-3 minutes to transition to a fetal position and then a seated position and offer your class closing words.  After your closing words and “Namaste” you’ll still need half a minute or so to give announcements, thank your students, and invite them back.

Categories For Your All Levels Sequence + Timing:

Integration Series – First 10 minutes of class

Sun A – Start at 10 minute mark

Sun B – Start at 15 minute mark – end at 25 minute mark

Core Series + Crow – Start at 25 minute mark (do 5 minutes of core – choose which core strengtheners you’ll use prior to the start of class – end with Crow pose and transition to Child’s pose – then cue to return to downward facing dog to begin next series)…

At this point you should be halfway through class / 30 minutes in

Balancing + Standing Series – Start at 30 minute mark
Spine Strengthening Series – Start at 40 minute mark

Hip Opening / Lower Body Stretches – Start at 45 minute mark – end second side by 49 minutes (2 minutes each side including transition)

Surrender Series – Start at 50-53 minutes

Savasana – Start at 53-57 minutes
Fetal Position -> Seated Position (Namaste + Announcements) 57-60 minutes