Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:
You must be over 18 years of age to join our program.
You must be able to receive commission payments via Venmo or PayPal
It is recommended (but not required) that you have a public Instagram account
Content Terms:
All content featuring Ahlia Yoga Academy Teacher Training and Mentorship Programs must meet our brand standards.
Do not include any suggestive content or language, political or religious points of view, or drugs/alcohol in images featuring our programs.
We do not allow downloadable software partners to join our program. We do not allow you to share your unique promo code on coupon sites.
We do allow email marketing.
Commission Terms:
Personal participation in programs do not qualify for commission. Commission will be approved and paid out for Ahlia Yoga Academy Teacher Training Enrollment
(both the self-paced and the set schedule programs) when an referral enrolls and payment processes successfully your Ambassador Promo Code submitted at
checkout. If the referral chooses a payment plan, your commission will be paid out upon completion of full payment price of the program. If the order was not
submitted with your Ambassador Promo Code you may ask your referral to email letting me know from whom they were referred and the date
of the referral. You will then be asked to confirm this information before commission will be approved and paid. Commission will not be approved if you violate the
terms and conditions of the program.
Commission Terms Continued:
You will receive a commission of $50 per person referred who enrolls and pays in full for Ahlia Yoga Academy Teacher Training (self-paced or set-schedule programs).
The person you refer will automatically receive $50 off their tuition price using your discount code upon enrollment through the website
If your referal does not register via the website and registers via email and payment is sent through Venmo or PayPal, your referral may not receive the
$50 discount unless they notify me ahead of time with your unique discount code via email to If your referal does not email
and payment is made in full, your referal will not receive a $50 refund. Under all of these circumstances, I reserve the right to not approve commission if no discount code
or affiliate code email is used on a case by case basis.
Payment is made 30 days after conversion occurs and any orders that are returned will not be eligible for commission.